Meaning of apung



v. 1. keep watch, wake over something Miapung siya sa masakitun, She kept watch over the patient. Nag-apung ang purman sa nagtrabáhu, The foreman was watching the workers. Giapungan níla ang minatay, They kept wake over the body; 2. stand around looking at something Nag-apung siya ni Maríyang wà mutíngug níya, He was standing by, watching Maria, but she didn’t say anything; 3. be s.w. without doing anything, hang around a place. Nía ka na sad mag-apung sa tubaan, Here you are again, hanging around the toddy stand.



v. for fish to gather in a mass. Sugà nga giapúngan sa mga bulinaw, Light that the anchovies were attracted to; n. mass of fish.