Meaning of apud



see aplud.



v. 1. give each. Apúrun (apúran) ta mu ug tagurha ka libru, I will give each of you two books; 2. to have (so-and-so-many) each. Nag-ápud silag pusil, They each have a rifle; 3. be enough for each to have a share. Kining prútas dílì makaápud kanátù, These fruits are not enough for all of us. maN- n. cost one centavo each. Ang dulsi mangápud, The candies are one centavo each. pang- n. distribution. Gipadayúnan ang pang-ápud sa humstid, They continued giving out homestead sites. apud-apud v. distribute, divide among. Ang pusta giapud-apud sa daghang táwu, The bet was divided up among many people.