Meaning of ánud



v. for the current to carry something off. Ang bahà nag-ánud (nagpaánud) sa ílang balay, The flood washed their house away. Walà siya anúra (iánud) sa lawud, He wasn’t carried off into the deep. (→) n. 1. things carried away by floodwater; 2. a person who just drifted s.w. or into something Usa lang siya ka anud sa pulitika, He is someone who just drifted into politics; 3. see pa-(→). pati- v. allow oneself to go with the current, but with control. Kun kapúyun siya sa paglinánguy mupatiánud lang siya sa sulug, When she becomes tired of swimming, she just lets herself drift in the current. Patianúrun (ipatiánud) námù sa luyu sa sakayan ang bugkus sa káhuy, We will let the bundle of wood be carried along behind the boat. pa-(→) n. drift net which is left to float in the sea and catches fish by the gills. paN- n. cloud. kapanganúran n. clouds. panganúrun n. spirits of children that have died unbaptized that are believed to be wafted in the skies.