Meaning of anhà



there, far from the first person, near the second person; or near something remote in time but just referred to. Anhà ibutang ang mga mangga, Put the mangoes down near you. Anhà ra bítaw nà, You’ll get it (lit. it will be there) in good time. — pa that’s the only time (so-and-so) will happen. Anhà pa ku makaawtu ug makadaug ku sa swipstik, I could get a car only if I were to win the sweepstakes. — ku I bet on. Anhà ku sa putì, I will bet on the white cock; v. 1. go there. Muanhà ku dihà, I will go there; 2. go get something Kinsa may nag-anhà nímu dihà gahápun? Who went to get you yesterday? Anháun ku nà rung hápun, I will go to your place for it this afternoon. anhaan v. habitually go s.w. hi-/ha- v. happen to go, be brought. Nahaanhà sa inyu ang librung ipaari untà nákù, The book which was supposed to be sent to me, wound up in your place. kaanhaun a. feel like going s.w.