Meaning of amin



amen; v. 1. kiss the hand or take a hand to the forehead. Amini si Tiyù mu, Kiss your uncle’s hand; 2. give in, concede, surrender. Human sa ámung panagbúngul miamin siya kanákù, After we had not been on speaking terms, he gave in to me. Ang mayur lang kunuy íyang aminan, He says he will surrender only to the mayor. amin-ámin n. food prepared for the last day of the novena (slang); v. prepare some food for the guests on the last day of a novena. Mutambung ta sa katapúsan ug mag-amin-ámin sila, We will attend the last day of the novena if they prepare something pa- v. have someone kiss the hand. Paaminun tikaw áring kinúmù! I’ll let you kiss my fist (i.e. smack you one).