Meaning of *ama



— námù n. the Lord’s Prayer. short form: manámù. paN- v. go to someone as if he were one’s father to ask for help. Kinsay inyung gipangama (gipangamahan) sa pagkasúd sa inyung bátà sa trabáhu? Who did you approach to get a job for your son? amaáma n. stepfather. amaáma sa buti n. the first single eruption of smallpox before spreading. amahan n. father. — námù n. the Lord’s Prayer; v. act as, have a father. Dimálas nga nakaamahan kag mangtas, It is unfortunate that you have a beast for a father. pangamahan v. 1. act as a father. Siya na lang ang nangamahan sa mga bátang ilu, He was the only one left to act as a father to the orphaned children; 2. sponsor. Ang balaudun gipangamahan ni Briyúnis, The bill was sponsored by Briones; 3. see pangama. amáun n. godfather in any ceremony.



(from ama) expression uttered when frightened: help! Amá! Náay sawa! Help! There’s a snake!