Meaning of alig-ig



v. 1. separate coarse and fine grains by shaking them on a tray. A jerking motion is made in one direction so that the heavier grains collect at one end of the tray. Alig-íga ang ginaling, Shake out the ground corn; 2. rock vigorously from side to side. Makusug nga línug nga mialig-ig sa Manílà, A strong earthquake that rocked Manila. Pastilan níyang nakaalig-ig sa samput dihang hápit na, My, how she moved her buttocks from side to side when she was about to come; 3. shake up personnel. Kinsay gialig-ig ni Markus? Who did Marcos dismiss (from his cabinet)? -in-ay n. shake-up of personnel. Human sa iliksiyun, dakù giyung inalig-ígay, After the election, there will be a big shake-up. -un(→), -unun n. ground cereal to be winnowed.