Meaning of aláyun



n. group of people who work together on jobs on a more or less permanent basis. The person for whom the job is done has an obligation to repay each worker with an equal amount of time; v. 1. work on the aláyun basis. Alayúnun (alayúnan) nátù ang pagpananggì, We’ll harvest on the mutual help basis. Alayúnan tika karun, ug impas na, I’ll work for you now, and we’re all square; 2. do something as a favor. Nag-aláyun siya nákug hatud ngadtu, He did me the favor of taking me there. Alayúni siyag panghúgas, Do him the favor of helping him wash the dishes. Ialáyun kug kúhag túbig, Please get me some water; 2a. please. Aláyun, ambi ra nang libru, Please, give me that book. ka- n. one with whom one has an aláyun arrangement. -an n. work obligation one has.