Meaning of alaw



(not without l) v. 1. watch someone from hiding unobserved. Iring nga nag-alaw sa pisù, The cat that is stalking the chick. Alawa ag bátà ug unsay buhátun, Spy on the child and see what he does; 2. watch for, wait for. Pag-alaw didtu ug taksi, Watch for a taxi; 3. be after something with a hidden motive. Ang íyang kadátù ray alawun sa mangulitáwu, Her suitors are only after her wealth. alaw-álaw v. try to get to see someone hard to see by catching him s.w. Dúgay kung gaalaw-álaw ánang pulitikúha arun irikumindar ku, I have been trying for the longest time to run into that politician so he will recommend me.



(not without l) not have (slang for walà). Álaw kuy bugas, I don’t have anything to eat.