Meaning of *álam



(not without l) ka- n. knowledge of some special field, specific know-how. Wà kuy kaálam sa pagpanghílut, I have no expertise in massage. kinaadman n. 1. general knowledge. Lalum siyag kinaadman, He is deeply learned; 2. special magical knowledge. ma- a. know how to (do). Maálam siya nga mutukar ug pyánu, He knows how to play the piano. ma-un, manggi-un, makinaadmánun a. wise, knowledgeable. Nahibúlung ang mga tigúlang sa makinaadmánun nga tubag ni Hisus, The old men were amazed at Jesus’ wise answers. pakama-un, pakamanggiun, pakamakinaadmánun v. pretend to be, consider wise.