Meaning of agut



a. 1. simple-minded. Dalì mutúu ang agut, The simple-minded fool believes anything you tell him; 2. slow, stunted in growth. Agut ka man. Hilabwan na man lang ka sa ímung manghud, You are stunted. Your little brother is taller than you are; v. 1. be ignorant, simple-minded. Makaagut man diay ning mag-istar ug búkid, Staying in the mountains makes you simple-minded; 2. be stunted in growth. -un a. of a stunted or simple-minded sort. Agutun mig kalíwat, We are a family of short people.



a. gritty. Agút ang ginamus sa bás, The fish paste is gritty with sand; v. become gritty.