Meaning of agpas



v. 1. go after someone to catch up with him. Agpása, kay wà tu siya kabayad, Go after him. He hasn’t paid; 2. meet a seller’s offer. Dì pud ku muagpas ug baynti ánang sapatúsa, I would not even give you twenty for those shoes; 3. catch up in time. Dì na nákù maagpas ang trabáhu, taudtaud na kung naabsin, I can’t catch up with the work. I’ve been absent too long; 4. be after, interested in obtaining something Kwarta lay íyang giagpas, All she’s after is money; 5; a. catch a meaning. Wà siya kaagpas sa lísu, He didn’t catch the joke. b. know the cause or defect. Wà ku kaagpas unsay dipiktu íning mutúra, I can’t figure out what is wrong with this motorcycle; 6. think of something to say. Walà nay ikapangagpas (ikaagpas) ang dalága sa pagpamalíbad, The girl could think of no more excuses for refusing him; n. highest price offered in buying something Pila man giyuy agpas mu? What is the highest price you offer? pa- v. say something additional as an afterthought. Mipaagpas siyag túgun sa paglakaw nákù, He called after me to ask me to do something for him as I was leaving. paN- v. 1. go after something and take advantage of it in time. Mangagpas ta sa higayun samtang barátu pa, Let’s take advantage of the opportunity while it is still cheap; 2. figure something out. May nangagpas nga láin siyag túyù, someone figured out that he had evil intentions; n. 1. interpretation of a situation; 2. a second planting to replace seeds that did not do well. Namatay ang ubang tanum. Pangagpas ning tanúma, Some of the plants died. This planting is to replace them.