Meaning of agaw



short form: gaw title for people who are cousins. Anía si Agaw Tídu, Here is Cousin Tido. ig-(←) n. cousin: children of one’s parent’s sibling or parent’s ig-ágaw. ig-(←) igtagsa first cousin, children of a parent’s siblings. ig-(←) igtagurha second cousin, children of a parent’s ig-ágaw igtagsa. ig-(←) igtagutlu third cousin, children of a parent’s ig-ágaw igtagurha. ig-(←) sa kasingkásing n. a lover one pretends is his cousin in public. mag-(←), manag-(←) n. people who are ig-ágaw with each other. pag-agáwan, panag-agáwan n. sa — related by virtue of being ig-ágaw to the (grand)parents or (grand)children of one’s cousin. Uyuan ku siya sa panag-agáwan, He is my uncle by being a cousin of my parents. Pag-umangkun ku siya sa panag-agáwan, She is my niece by being a daughter of my cousin.



v. take something away from someone Ayawg agáwa ang duláan sa bátà, Don’t take the toy away from the child. -an(→) a. fond of snatching. Babáying agawag bána, A woman that is a husband snatcher. maN-r- n. one who snatches.