Meaning of *agad



— ug, y it would be a good thing if such-and-such were the case. Agad pag magtuun ka imbis magdúlà, It would be better for you to study instead of playing. Agad pa untay nagduktur ka sa kaping mag-abugádu, It would have been nice if you had become a doctor instead of a lawyer. — nga it was good enough as it was before a change took place. Agad siyang natúlug, ngánu pa mang ímung gipúkaw? He was doing all right sleeping. What did you have to go and wake him up for?



see alágad. paN- v. for a prospective bridegroom to stay in the girl’s place just prior to the marriage ceremony in order to serve the family. Pangagáran úsà nímu ang ginikánan arun kauyúnan ka níla, You serve the girl’s parents so that they will come to like you. -um- n. son-in-law; v. take as a son-in-law. umagarun n. prospective son-in-law.