Meaning of ábung



v. bar, block the way. Abúngan ta ning karsádag dakung batu, Let’s block the road with a big stone; n. kind of fishing equipment consisting of dried coconut leaves tied to a raft. (→) n. something which blocks the way. Ang káhuy nga abung sa pultahan, The wood that was blocking the door; a. in the path of the wind, smoke, smells, and the like. Abung sa hángin, Exposed to the wind. Abung ka kaáyu sa íyang dautang tingúhà, You are very much exposed to his evil powers. pa-(→), pa- v. 1. put in an exposed position. Ug magpaabung ka sa sílit sa túbig, mahumud ka, If you put yourself in the path of a jet of water, you’ll get wet. Paabungig asu ang mangga, (Make the fire so that) the mango tree will be in the path of the smoke; n. kind of fishing whereby a net is set across the path of a fish; 2. give allowance in measuring something Paabungan ug diyútay ang sukud ígù pagsipilya, Measure it with a little allowance for planing. Mutíru gánì kag langgam nga naglupad paabungig diyútay, If you shoot at a flying bird, aim a little ahead. paN- v. do something in anticipation of a favor or reward. Buútan nà siya run kay nangábung man nga hitagaan ug diyis, He’s obedient this time because he’s anticipating getting a dime; n. preparation of oil and plants medicinal roots and herbs used as a protection against some evil.