Meaning of abir



1. particle used in calling attention to a point in contention. Ang diyus makagagáhum. Abir, unsáun man nímu pagpangutána diin siya manukad, God is almighty. All right then, how can you ask where He comes from? 1a. particle used in inciting a person to do something Abir, sulayi ug musalir ba nang paagíha, O.K. Just see if that procedure works out. Abir, sumbága kunu ku kay isumbung tikaw ni Pápa, All right, just try hitting me, and I’ll tell Daddy on you; 2. pause word expressing hesitation when one doesn’t know how to do something Abir, lisúa nag hínay dúngan sa pagtulbuk ári, Let’s see now, turn that slowly and press this at the same time; 3. see ambi. 4 v. try one’s luck, take a stab at. Nangabir (miabir) lang siyag panlútù. Dì hinúun siya kamau, He just took a try at cooking. He doesn’t really know how. Abirun unyà nákug hangyù si Maríya, I’ll just take a stab at asking Maria. Iabir kunu ni sa ahinsiya ug dawátun ba, Try taking this to the pawnshop and see if they will accept it.