Meaning of abanti



a. 1. forward, ahead. Abanti ka rang milingkud, You took a seat too far to the front; 2. ahead in score; v. 1a. move forward. Muabanti kag diyútay, matambug ka sa bangag, If you move forward any more, you will fall into the hole. Iabanti nang ímung awtug diyútay, Move your car forward a bit; 1b. be ahead, have more points in a game. Naabantíhan mu námug diyis puntus, We were ten points ahead of you; 2. keep up with something Dì ku makaabanti sa galastúhan sa iskuylahan, I cannot keep up with the school payments; 3. endure work. Dì ku makaabanti sa pagdáru kay dautun ku, I can’t keep up with the plowing because I’m sickly; 4a. ask part payment in advance, especially in salary; 4b. give someone a cash advance on his salary or other payment; n. 1. front wheel(s). Nahiyus ang abanti sa mutur, The front tire of the motorcycle is flat; 2. forward gear; 3. front seat in a car. atras — see atras.