Meaning of abang



n. rent; hire



v. 1. rent. Ang usa ka kwartu giabángan sa tigúlang, The old man rents one of the rooms; 2. hire a prostitute; 3. make an offering to a supernatural being for the use of land which is thought to be in his possession. Iábang ni nákung baktína álang sa uma, I will sacrifice this pig as rental for the land; n. 1. rent paid. Pilay ábang nímu sa libru? How much rent did you pay for the book? 2. money paid a prostitute; 3. toil taken by supernatural beings. Kadtung nalumus dinhi ábang kunu tu sa ingkantu, The man who drowned here is said to have been the rent collected by the supernatural spirit. paN- v. patronize a prostitute. -an(→) 1, 2, 3. see ábang, n; 4. haunted place, place where departed spirits take a toll or rent. Abangan kunu kanang baláya. Náa giyuy mamatay káda túig, That house is haunted (lit. has a rental on it). Each year someone dies there.